Cake and a Coffee

Cake and a Coffee

One of the most amazing sights in coffee houses in Germany is the incredible array of cakes and pastries. Apfelkucehn, strudels and decadent creations with local berries in profusion. Dessert is sold by the slice and the portions are generous. Bring your appetite.

Caffe latte is the usual accompaniment with these meal-sized desserts, although mochas and capps are enjoyed as well. Every coffee is served with a small chocolate or meringue. Just because you need dessert with dessert.

I have observed that many coffee houses serve espresso beverages made with super automatic machines. Machines that grind dose and pour the espresso without human intervention. Many more however take great pride in the craftsmanship required by an experienced Barista. Hand poured espresso is without a doubt the gold standard here. Interestingly the best desserts are found where the best espresso is poured and enjoyed by knowing locals. We have sought out such coffee houses and have been rewarded every time. By the way the service at these establishments improves greatly when you take the time to compliment the Barista and server on the quality. They are extremely proud of their craft and are honoured when you notice.

Lesson? Go local, go proud and go hand crafted every time.


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    Critics blame the increased deaths on the phasing out of italy big rescue operation from 2013 2104, mare nostrum, which worked close to the coast of libya the biggest migrant transit route.

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    Will ask for military action, because you cannot go to the libyan coast with border guards, said german eu lawmaker monika hohlmeier.

    In contrast, doctors without borders said that smuggling without offering alternatives will create more suffering.If there are no meaningful alternatives offered to people to reach europe safely, people will take even more dangerous routes.

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    Butler, it turns out, is one of a growing number of consumers who make it a priority to buy from http://hybridportal.info/records-for-ralph-lauren-uk-stores-the-new-disc canadian based brands.The shift can be traced, in part, to the increasing visibility of local talent.Hudson’s bay, for instance, recently chose to spotlight the work of up and coming alberta native sid neigum at the room in its toronto flagship on queen street a considerable achievement for a fairly new designer.Meanwhile, the recent creation of the canadian arts and fashion awards is intended to celebrate both new and established homegrown designers. (At cafa’s second annual gala, held in january, neigum also took home the swarovski award for emerging talent. )And then there’s the boost the country’s principal fashion week got when it was purchased in 2012 by global management powerhouse img, whose stated aim is to draw international awareness to canada’s fashion scene.

    As for what this means to shoppers, a growing market spells diversity and for butler, that’s a necessity.She buys fashion forward pieces from http://www.apmusicales.com/oakley-for-ray-bans-on-sale-sale/ labels such as pink tartan and greta constantine but also likes to shop for basics that are made in canada: “My winter coats are by mackage and rudsak,“She says, referring to two brands that have mass appeal and a retail presence nationwide.

    The shirt:Monthly collections created by montreal based frank oak, which has retail locations and a membership driven website, have helped the brand garner a cult following.Collared shirt, $55 at frank oak.

    The suit:For those who think outside the boxy, toronto’s philip sparks offers bespoke suiting services.

    The sweater:An international collaboration of sorts, these made in canada sweaters are composed of wool blend yarns from italy.

    The trench:Montrealers know a thing or two about designing stylish outerwear for all seasons.Mackage trench coat, $550 http://blog.serenetrips.com/up-michael-kors-australia-outlet-for-sale/ at holt renfrew.

    The kicks:These lightweight mesh running shoes are perfect for exploring the canadian terrain.

    The tee:Vancouver’s kit and ace produces luxe basics made from cashmere that comes from mongolian goats.

    The pants:These are designed and produced in vancouver by wings + horns, which recently marked its 10 year anniversary with a second nomination from the canadian arts and fashion awards for men’s wear designer of the year.

    The bag:This handsome, durable shopper features a unique bicolour zipper and detachable body strap.

    The belt:M0851 has designed and manufactured its pieces in montreal workshops since the brand launched in 1987.

    The boots:The offbeat designs of vancouver based john fluevog have proved popular for more than 30 years.

    The wallet:This slim handstitched bifold by fledgling toronto brand blanc de noir holds up to 8 credit cards and comes in grey or black.

    The ties:Select styles by toronto men’s wear accessory label pomp ceremony feature fabrics by liberty of london.

    The dress:This toronto label carried by wedding dress destination kleinfeld specializes in subtle styles that still possess a sense of occasion.

    The shirt:A work friendly pinstripe button down shirt is one of montreal based judith charles’s best staples.Blouse, $275 at judith charles.

    The coat:Loyal clients laud the longevity of pieces http://blog.jeevanfoundation.com/tasks-and-ralph-lauren-bambini-on-line-are/ they’ve purchased from comrags over the years, some of which are more than 20 years old.Coat, $595 at comrags.

    The skirt:The former winner of the mercedes benz start up competition, edmonton based designer malorie urbanovitch is still in the spotlight this season for her take on luxurious knits and silks.

    The leather jacket:Montreal based rudsak showcases its slick leather looks in 26 stores across canada.

    The bling:The http://townworks.info/amanageablepost-cheap-ralph-lauren-count handmade costume and semi precious baubles from toronto’s moonrox are made from a mix of new and vintage materials.

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    Acts that almost made it to woodstock

    Jethro tull ian anderson, left, the leader of british rock band jethro tull, performs on stage, during the festival du bout du monde, aug.12, 2007, in Crozon, http://joshuaflorez.info/as-ray-ban-uk-store-a-result western France.

    Jethro tull declined an invitation to play woodstock in 1969.And he said, ‘oh, yeah.’ So I said, ‘Right.I don’t want to go.’ Because I don’t like hippies, and I’m usually rather put off by naked ladies unless the time is right.Well, indeed, unless the money’s right. “Performs at the"Stormy weather 2002"Concert at the wiltern theatre on nov.The song, with the lyric"By the time we got to woodstock, we were half http://growcombine.com/uncategorized/motivated-michael-kors-sale-australia-concepts a million strong,“Became a classic for crosby, stills nash.

    The moody blues justin hayward and john lodge, right, perform at radio city http://en.gomanyuk.com/aged-christian-louboutin-pumps-55/ music hall on aug.20, 2009, in New York.

    The moody blues had planned to perform(The band was even on the original poster), but decided to pull out after being booked for a gig in Paris that same weekend.But the band’s promoter, bill graham, rescheduled a show

    At the fillmore in san francisco on the same weekend as woodstock.Santana tooksinger peter

    Cetera told the spokesman review in 2008,“We were sort of peeved at him

    For http://www.apmusicales.com/crowded-michael-kors-bags-australia-with-cars/ pulling that one. “

    Jeff beck group musician jeff beck performs at the musicares 2005 person of http://www.netis.ir/each-ralph-lauren-defendant-was/ the year tribute to brian wilson at the palladium on feb.11, 2005, in Hollywood, Calif.

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    Two others arrested http://refreshin.pagina.gr/blog_0.html

    Two http://yaplog.jp/feature/ others arrested

    The delhi police special cell has arrested a former ranji player along with two of his accomplices from aurangabad http://url.blog1.de/ategories/ in maharashtra for allegedly assisting meetings between rajasthan royals bowler ajit chandila and bookies.An additional cricketer, who played for indian railways in ranji trophy fulfills, has been detained.

    A senior police man said at this stage there was no need for questioning the team management or their players.Yet somehow, as appropriate, they might be contacted for clarifications in future.Is an open ended probe when we will pursue all possible leads to identify those who were involved in spot fixing in conspiracy with the bookies, said the police agency.

    Police research have revealed that chandila, who is now in their custody together with his teammates s.Sreesanth in addition, ankeet chavan, was on the market to the bookies.He had similar links with four sets of bookies, most of whom have been arrested by the special cell.Was hold of the bookies since last year and we suspect that he had also indulged in spot fixing during the 2012 edition of ipl, but we are yet to gather concrete evidence designed to cure, said the official.In all of, 17 persons have been arrested in the event so far.On on the.The three arrested hail from nagpur.

    Was a neighbor of chandila in faridabad before 2000 and they played cricket together.The first kind then went on to play ranji for vidarbha from 2003 onwards.It was through dole and bhatia that guddewar had arranged chandila get together with a bookie named ashwini aggarwal, said the police policeman.The rajasthan royals bowler allegedly met the bookies on several functions in delhi, gurgaon, chandigarh and mumbai to barter the deals for spot fixing.Aggarwal is alleged to be a top player in the betting circuits and has alleged links with the mumbai underworld.

    Another railway squad cricketer referred to as baburao yadav is learnt to have been detained by the police for his alleged links with the bookies and will soon be arrested in the case.Probe has says the former players under the scanner were mediating between the current ipl team members and the bookies.Arrested jiju janardanan, a close aide of sreesanth who was daring deals on his behalf, and bookie amit singh were previous cricketers, said the specialist.

    The police claim that they are in the process of gathering details of what amount of the money that the rajasthan royals cricketers purportedly received were spent.The accused cricketers had thrown lavish parties and bought highly-Priced gifts and other articles.

    The delhi police denied having received any complaint from the rajasthan royals owners against their three business friends.Saw such reports in a element of the media, but haven’t been contacted by them so far, said the police policeman.

    It is the best for sreesanth to become an approver and name all cricketers, bookies and bcci/ipl officials directly or indirectly a this racket.Naturally, his career is almost over, even if the charges against him and the other two players become hard sustain in a court of law.If his mind is anywhere close to that of hansie cronje, he must confess with fear before the judiciary.People would then forgive him for all his wrong doings by this single act of admission, as this http://wgjding.my1blog.ru/ would enable you in cleansing the mess in cricket.May have forfeit crores of rupees as its mission of spot fixing in the ipl could not succeed and for them sreeshanth and his two other team mates

    Are accountable for the turn of events and they will go to any extent to teach them a lesson.

    Circulated on:Properly 20, 2013 every 16:17 IST http://feature.blogcu.com/

    Understand, bringing bcci under rti is not the most efficient.We crooks dont hopeful under scanner

    Sent in on:Might 20, 2013 near the 13:43 IST

    You shouldn’t thank public for attending the match even after the incident.Because we are addicted to cricket and we continues to watch and support regardless of whatever way the cricket is tainted and you are well aware of this!

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    C stick c fine deal jeremy http://www.lucentia.es/cheap-ralph-lauren-impotence-on-our/ vuitton handbags3 thing bags handbags banks outlet belts th gadget serial numbers for a tour bus handbag have the preparation model number stamped on the underside of the ta v, and contains strong evidence and see if the bag is more than likely fake,
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    How to keep squirrels out of the http://townworks.info/stores-michael-kors-online-outlet-bergdorf-goodman bird feeder

    Switching foods can help alleviate your squirrel problems.For example, instead of stocking bird feeders with sunflower seeds, switch to safflower seeds.Safflower seeds are relished by titmice, chickadees, cardinals and grosbeaks, but squirrels usually avoid them.Squirrels also tend to ignore nyjer seeds which are also known as thistle seeds but goldfinches, redpolls, doves and downy woodpeckers consume them eagerly.Additionally, white proso millet seeds are popular with doves, but squirrels usually find them unpalatable.

    If you provide the squirrels with an easy and delicious food source, they are unlikely to go raid your bird feeders.Some of their favorite foods include raw peanuts, sunflower seeds and whole or cracked corn.While squirrels do not hesitate to pick food up off the ground, you should avoid simply scattering food there, as this is likely to attract rodents.Instead, install a commercial squirrel feeder.While bird feeders should be placed at least 10 feet http://joshuaflorez.info/she-michael-kors-online-outlet-said away from any tree, bush or building to keep squirrels away, it’s best to locate squirrel feeders in places squirrels can easily access.

    Baffles are circular, dome shaped barriers that prevent squirrels from accessing your feeders.You can place a baffle on the pole beneath the bird feeder or on the wire above a suspended feeder.If you do not want to purchase a baffle, you can build your own from a two liter plastic bottle.Simply cut the bottom off the bottle, thread the wire or post through the center of the bottle mouth and secure it in place with duct tape.You may need to adjust the distance between the baffle and the feeder to obtain the best results.Other types of barriers may be effective placing empty thread spools along the wire leading to the feeder often deters squirrels from climbing wires.

    While it is not the prettiest solution, enclosing your feeders in a chicken wire"Cage"Is an effective way of keeping the squirrels from eating your seed.The idea is that small birds will fly right through the gaps in the wire, but the squirrels will be unable to reach the feeder.The exact design of the cage will vary from one feeder to the next.Because the squirrels will still be able to reach through wire, construct your cage so the wire is six to 12 inches away from the seed.Commercial feeder cages are available if you do not want to make your own.

    Homemade squirrel repellent for birdseed

    To keep squirrels away from the bird seed, create a hot pepper based repellent at home.But keeping squirrels out of the bird.

    How to keep squirrels away from bird feeders

    Avid bird watchers enjoy feeding and watching birds in their yards, but keeping squirrels out of the bird feeders can become a.

    How to keep squirrels off a bird http://test.wholenessthroughchrist.org.za/they-are-ray-ban-outlet-restricted-from/ feeder

    How to http://www.cameoclub.co.uk/younger-christian-louboutin-womens-wedge-customer/ keep squirrels off a bird feeder.How to keep squirrels out of or off of a bird feeders.Well.

    How to keep squirrels from climbing posts to bird feeders

    A pole mounted bird feeder is ideal for feeding the birds that visit your backyard.If you share your yard with squirrels, however,.

    Homemade ways to keep squirrels out of a bird feeder

    Homemade ways to keep squirrels out of a bird feeder.When you set up a http://www.89590990.cn/?p=27685 bird feeder in your yard,.Does.

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    Engineering win cabc business achievement award for reactive skin decontamination lotion http://asiasense2013.org/?p=10283

    E z em, inc. (Amex:Ezm)Today announced that the canadian american business council(Cabc)Awarded o’dell engineering ltd.Of cambridge, ontario, and e z em inc.Its prestigious business achievement award for http://www.cameoclub.co.uk/and-the-michael-kors/ their joint work on reactive skin decontamination lotion(Rsdl).The cabc issued the award in recognition of the"Cross border business partnership, which has brought reactive skin decontamination lotion(Rsdl)To the marketplace. “

    Rsdl is a liquid skin decontaminant that breaks down chemical agents such as sarin or vx in http://en.gomanyuk.com/ottoman-christian-louboutin-womens-boots-empire/ seconds, leaving a non toxic liquid that can be washed away with water.Rsdl is packaged in a tear open pouch that first responders can use to aid victims of a chemical attack or for personal protection.And foreign military testing has shown that rsdl is effective in neutralizing a broad spectrum of chemical warfare agents and toxic skin threats.

    The canadian department of national defense originally developed rsdl in the late 1970s.O’dell engineering purchased the license for rsdl and then partnered with e z em to commercialize and manufacture the product.Food and drug administration cleared rsdl in march 2003.Department of defense(Dod)To bring this product to select other countries, including the netherlands and australia.Dod is currently conducting final configuration and compatibility testing on the product;Testing that is required for replacement of current compounds used in this role.Dod has also recently permitted o’dell and e z em to begin marketing rsdl to first responders in the united states.

    “E z em has had well established presence in the canadian business community for several years through our subsidiary e z em canada,“Said e z em president and ceo anthony a.Lombardo. “We are honored to be recognized by the canadian american business council, and with the opportunity we’ve had to work with o’dell engineering.O’dell and e z em have now worked together since 1995, and we believe that the o’dell e z em relationship is a perfect example of cross border partnership and cooperation.Governments, who have also supported the effort to bring this important product to those in need. “

    Established http://www.hqindia.net/event-in-new-michael-kors-sale-uk-hearst/ in 1987, cabc is the premier voice of the canadian american business community.The cabc business achievement award, now in its tenth year, recognizes successful alliances between canadian and american firms that produce strong business growth, remarkable innovation, and noteworthy community contribution.Previous winners have included such companies as marinvent, jeppesen sanderson, cmc electronics, honeywell, intel, cbs, rim, and milton bradley, among others.

    About e z em, http://vinhthaihung.com/german-ralph-lauren-outlet-uk-engineered/ inc.

    The statements made in this document contain certain forward looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties.Words such as"Expects,” “Intends,” “Anticipates,” “Plans,” “Believes,” “Seeks,” “Estimates,“Or variations of such words and similar expressions, are intended to identify such forward looking statements.Investors are cautioned that actual events or results may differ from the company’s expectations.Military, future actions by the fda or other regulatory agencies, results of pending or future clinical trials, overall economic conditions, general market conditions, market acceptance, foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations, the effects on pricing from group purchasing organizations, competition, including alternative procedures which continue to replace traditional fluoroscopic procedures, as well as the risk factors listed from time to time in the sec filings of e z em, inc., including but not limited to its Form 10 Q for the quarter ended August 28, 2004, as well as its Annual Report on Form 10 K for the year ended May 29, 2004, may affect the actual results achieved by the Company.

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    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) commented on September 18th, 2015 at 09:01 AM

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    You can donate to the 4th annual warm coats warm hearts drive

    Fall and winter months bring thoughts of the holidays and hot chocolate, but many americans dread the year’s coldest weather because they can’t afford warm outerwear.

    With so http://mingl2.austinlawrence.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=123 many people struggling financially because of unemployment and the troubled economy, the issue is critical.That’s why"Good morning america” “Is partnering again with burlington coat factory and the nonprofit organization one warm coat to sponsor a coat drive for the needy.

    The drive netted 219, 762 coats in 2009, which was a 24 percent increase over the 2008 drive.In 2008 the drive collected 177, 339 and 175, 125 in the first year of the effort.

    Donations of coats will http://www.ctsh.nl/blog/pandora-sale-uk-pierde-personalidad be accepted at more than 400 burlington coat factory stores across the country starting oct.29, 2010.The drive will run through the winter.

    Those wishing to donate may drop off http://www.josephjohn.in/also-includes-selected-letters/ new or gently used coats, along with other types of winter attire, including sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, hats and gloves.

    But the stars weren’t the only people who helped. “I was able to get their things, http://www.contentbiz.net/blog/?p=821 their coats … but i wasn’t able to get a coat for myself. “

    If you have a compelling story to share about a coat you donated or why you plan to donate this year, click here to tell"Gma"Your story http://www.biuro-angowska.pl/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=94 and you might be featured on air!

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  100. Picture of wengdongdong

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