Time to Recognize Mom!

Time to Recognize Mom!

It’s Mothers Day this weekend and time to think about what mom really wants. I’m sure it has little to do with expensive gifts and sentimental cards. Mom already has what she really loves and that is you. All that aside, many of us want to honor mom in a way that affirms her special role in our lives.

-Why not let mom sleep in a little late on Sunday. If my childhood memory serves, she won’t really appreciate breakfast in bed no matter how enthusiastically prepared by little hands. Mom knows that she is just going to have to get up and clean the resulting detritus later. Great. She got a few extra minutes in bed to ponder the mess. Really what you ought to think about is just preparing a Java Moose coffee for her. You needn’t rouse her from her few extra minutes of sleep. Just put the coffee in to a JavaMoose thermal coffee mug and set it on the nightstand awaiting her arousal from a much-appreciated rest. Leave a little note stating your appreciation of her all 364 other days of the year and inviting her to rise at her leisure. Coffee is waiting beside her, hot in it’s new thermal mug to be used again and again over the coming year. See? You and the kids are the most thoughtful, loving souls around. Mom is pleased and proud.

-Can’t make coffee for Mom this Sunday? No problem. What she really wants is a JavaMoose pre-paid coffee card. You can choose her favorite latte, mocha, RedEye or coffee beverage and give her a card that truly suits her tastes. She’ll think of you every time she picks up her fave coffee. Conveniently fits right in the to Mothers Day card you remembered to buy.

-I can’t make coffee for my mom this Sunday. She lives in Vancouver and I live in Saint John. Quite a commute. I sent my mom her Foghorn coffee beans and a new JavaMoose travel mug (she has the whole set.) I thought about sending her some Gayo Mountain or Haitian Blue but she really, really LIKES her Foghorn. Mom knows best. So here’s to you mom.

Happy Mothers Day. You’re the best…. Love, Randy.

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  1. Picture of Mom (L:oretta)

    Coffee just arrived along with a surprise, a travel mug.  Like the new ones very much.  Much better than
    raw bacon, and runny eggs served in bed. (hate eggs).  Thanks to my wonderful son - wish we were closer
    so that we could share a big, big hug.  Love you Randy xx00

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